Want to download TOK resources? I’m getting myself organized.

(Eileen Dombrowski) Well, SOMEBODY ought to get the benefit of my organizing my back files.  Maybe today it’s you.  You may have all my downloadable resources already – my overviews, guides to critical thinking, and classroom activities — contributions that supplement the TOK book.  But in the throes of getting myself organized (that illusive dream!) on a new laptop computer, I’ve just tidied and updated the list on the Resources page of this website. If there’s anything useful to you, please help yourself.

As I move my consciousness to a shiny new laptop, I confess that I do have an immense pang of guilt. My old one has been so reliable, worked so hard for me, and introduced me to so much interest and pleasure out there on the web! Its keyboard, which my fingertips have touched daily for nine years, has many of its letters worn off.  And it’s grimy with neglect. I feel downright unfaithful as I transfer my affections to a new laptop that’s slimmer, smarter, and faster. I wouldn’t like to be treated in this way myself! But leave it I will. And, with thanks, I’ll take its memory.


4 responses to “Want to download TOK resources? I’m getting myself organized.

  1. You’re the most generous persom I’ve3 ever met Eileen!


  2. Wonderfully generous, Eileen. I will share this excellent resource with my workshop folks next week. And, as I will tell them (and others), Eileen is the best writer today on TOK. You should subscribe to her blog.


  3. Thank you, Susana. Thank you, Sue. It’s so encouraging to have your support. Putting things out on the web can feel so anonymous and pointless when there’s no response.


  4. I agree with the above comments completely. But not only is it very generous of you to share them, your lessons are thought-provoking, lead to great discussion, and very ‘implementable’ in class because they lead to productive reflections! Thanks, Eileen!


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