2018 TOK blog posts compiled for download

181217 Eileen(Eileen Dombrowski, from OUP blog) Today, my dear colleagues, I offer you my final contribution to our Theory of Knowledge course.  And then it’s time for me to say farewell.  I’m retiring.

For convenient access, I’ve compiled below all the posts I’ve done for Theory of Knowledge throughout 2018 into a downloadable document, with a table of contents for quick browsing.  I hope you’ll find here some ideas that will stir your own thoughts within our shared enterprise. It’s an ambitious project we’ve taken on – to teach our students to think more clearly and to give them a vast comparative overview of knowledge!  Not an undertaking for the faint of heart! Fortunately, it’s great fun to go romping through big ideas with students who are ready for them.

At this point, I’ve had more than 30 years of fun in TOK and loved playing with the course ideas through many contexts.  I really enjoyed my own students.  I delighted in meeting TOK colleagues as I led workshops and worked on the assessment team.  I’ve also appreciated the cyber-world, as I designed and facilitated online TOK workshops.  Writing the Theory of Knowledge book with my co-authors was immensely absorbing, pulling together so many threads of the course to support inquiry teaching. And I’ve loved blogging, developing ideas on perspectives and critical thinking – and staying connected with all of you! Yes, I’ve had lots and lots and lots of fun romping about with ideas, trying always to connect that lofty overview with the reality of life on the ground.

But today is different.  Today I retire.  With a wave and a smile, I exit Theory of Knowledge.  Tomorrow, other activities beckon.

I wish you all the very best.  May you enjoy the course as much as I have!



3 responses to “2018 TOK blog posts compiled for download

  1. Your blog will be missed, Eileen. Your way of presenting and then connecting and turning around ideas is a model for TOK teachers, your colleagues. And the ideas you choose to write about are always relevant and to me of importance and interest.
    Whoever is reading this comment would do well to download what you have generously made available to the community.
    All the best to you and your new projects.


  2. James Lothschutz

    Congratulations Eileen. I’ve appreciated your help and expertise throughout the years. Enjoy the next chapter.


  3. All the very best! Your contribution in taking TOK forward cannot really be measured in words. Your book has been a fantastic resource for all associated with this AOK. Kudos to you! Do well and dissipate the TOK flavour in whatever venture you undertake.


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