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So who needs language?

(by Eileen Dombrowski, from OSC blog Sept 25, 2014)  :roll:   Can we write more directly and more effectively to each other by chucking out all those words and using emoticons or emoji instead?  Three social networks are currently offering images to bypass text altogether.  Could this be, at last, a universal language? Continue reading

Shared knowledge: a moment of “Wow!”

14-08-01everest-screenshot(by Eileen Dombrowski, from OSC Blogs Aug 1, 2014) You HAVE to watch this video from Discovery Channel! Watch it, and then rotate your screen for the view at the end. First, just enjoy it. And then we can link it to TOK.   Mount Everest in 3D: Experience the Trek to the Summit. Continue reading

Bolivia reverses congress clock: symbolic representation and (disputed) meaning

(by Eileen Dombrowski, from OSC TOK blog, July 12, 2014) I love plenty of knowledge questions – but sometimes I delight even more in the answers, especially when they jolt me for a refreshing moment into someone else’s way of seeing the world. Did you see that Bolivia has reversed the direction in which the hands on the clock on its congress building in La Paz will move?   Continue reading

TOK and mathematics: how not to be wrong?

1407math(by Theo Dombrowski, OSC TOK blog July 2, 2014) “As it develops, mathematics moves both towards the abstractions of the mind, and also towards the connection with the world.”  Thus begins the section on “Pure and Applied Mathematics” in the ToK Course Companion.  (p. 357).  The nature of the relationship between the abstract nature of mathematics and “the world” is one of several issues examined in a new book on mathematics Continue reading