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Please feel free to use these materials in your own classroom, following the usual conventions of acknowledging the source.   I updated most recently on June 5, 2018 after a flurry of getting myself and my files organized as I shifted to a lovely new computer.

— Eileen Dombrowski

Download Collected Blog Posts

I’ll start with my annual collections of diverse offerings — the suggestions, lesson ideas, and commentary on contemporary situations and research that characterize this TOK blog on knowledge across the year.

2018 TOK blog posts Dombrowski

2017 TOK blog posts Dombrowski


2015 tok blog posts dombrowski


Eileen’s advice for New TOK Teachers

Next are reflections on teaching the Theory of Knowledge course that I love. This advice is now three years old, but I offer it still to new teachers in hopes that they may find the pleasure in the course that I’ve found myself.



I’ll also include below part of a paper for the IB that is ancient history now.  My comments on who and what the TOK teacher is may be so obvious now that I should really just delete this one.  You decide.  At least it’s not long.


Graphic overview of the TOK course

connecting Overview Conceptual Understanding of knowledge with Applied Critical Analysis.

5b TOK overview

This graphic links our TOK concepts with TOK thinking skills. Download:  DOMBROWSKI TOK OVERVIEW

Knowledge Framework, Simplified


Why simplify the Knowledge Framework into questions What, Why, and How?  For my reasons, see my blog post:  Simplifying the knowledge framework, entry level.

Download: Dombrowski knowledge framework

Guides to Evaluating Knowledge Claims

These guide sheets distill critical questions ready to be applied to new situations, media, or student research.  The first is taken from the OUP book Theory of Knowledge (2013) which I wrote with my TOK colleagues and dear friends Lena Rotenberg and Mimi Bick.


The second is a supplement for use with digital media.  I wrote it for a post March 27, 2017 that I called “TOK and ‘fake news’: 3 tips, 2 downloads, and 3 resources“, which I followed on February 12, 2018 with “Fake News: Updating TOK Critique.


The third gives a mini-guide to evaluating knowledge claims using statistics, and comes from “(Dis)trusting statistics: a one-page guide“, March 26, 2018:



Last are classroom lessons, some with cartoons by my husband Theo to give them some fun. They’re self-sufficient to use as class handouts, but you’ll find ideas on using them in the blog posts from which I’m presently extracting them. For related ideas on any of these documents, don’t forget that there’s a tag cloud on this website that can bring up recurrent keywords, and that there’s also a search window.





Dombrowski_ARGUMENT_FALLACIES (The background analysis useful for this one is in my blog post “Biases, fallacies, argument: Would you argue with a T-Rex? , April 9, 2018.)


And that’s it for now!  There are plenty of lesson ideas threaded through the blog posts, but I don’t feel like formatting any of the others for download at the moment.  I hope that you find something useful to your own thinking or your own classroom in here somewhere! 

With lots and lots of good wishes,


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  2. Thanks Eileen. Three cheers for your insight, intelligence AND generosity:))


  3. Ernest Rodriguez

    Wow! Thank you so much!


  4. What wonderful resources, especially for a seasoned teacher but a novice in this subject area. Thank you, Eileen! Enjoy the new computer.


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